Rider and motorcycle preparation details

Riding gear you will need,

  • A full face motorcycle helmet that is in good condition and has a clean visor. The helmet must preferably be less than 3 years old
    Refer to https://www.mnz.co.nz/docs/default-source/manual-of-motorcycle-sport/chapter-8—safety-gear-(road)
  • Leather boots, motocross or touring type will do.
  • Leather gloves.
  • Full racing or touring leathers or, leather jacket of motorcycle riding type (not dress type), leather motorcycle pants which zip to the jacket.
  • Back Protector A Chest Protector is also recommended for all riders

Bike Preparation,

  • You will need some duct tape, tie wire or electrical zip ties.
  • Tyres must be up to W.O.F. standard.
  • Mirrors need to be removed, or taped.
  • Handlebar ends need to be plugged.
  • Glass Lights and Glass indicators to be taped (duct tape) or better still, removed. Plastic Lights and Indicators do not need to be taped.
  • Side stands, passenger footrests and center stands need to be wired up (tie wire or electrical zip ties) or taken off.
  • No oil or radiator leaks – check your sump plug.
  • If your sump plug has a lock wire hole drilled in it, wire it up.
  • Bring some tools to prepare your bike.
  • Allow enough time to do this at the track or do it the night before and trailer your motorbike to the track.
  • Remember to check tyre pressures, chain tension, oil and water levels, brake fluid levels, brake pads and bring fuel.

Rider Preparation,

  • Bring water to drink during the day. Water keeps you hydrated, which keeps your concentration up.

Riders may change class throughout the day if they desire.

For further information contact
Motorcycling Canterbury 027 357 1117 or 022-187-0809